Into the Vortex

Into the Vortex is the latest CD from The Runaways. To hear a sample of a track select a title below.

  1. Another Brick In The Wall
  2. Bye Bye Love
  3. Spider In The Bath
  4. All The Time In The World*
  5. Rendezvous Part IV*
  6. If*
  7. Whirlpool
  8. El Condor Pasa*
  9. Lambada
  10. JazzClub*
  11. Stranger On The Shore
  12. Stepping Stone
  13. Music To Watch The Girls Go By
  14. The Road*
  15. Going Back
  16. Spanish Flea
  17. Silkscreen
  18. Drag Racer
  19. Move It†
  20. The Young Ones†
  21. Do You Wanna Dance†

Titles in red are original tracks by
The Runaways
*Cliff Hall on keyboards
† We have started work on a new CD. Here are a few tracks from our first studio session with Ivan on vocals.

Shadows Tribute Band in Kent

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